When I was a little girl I used to love to put my Momma’s long stand-up mirror on the floor, and pretend I could walk on the ceiling. What a difference it made to turn that reflection upward! It was enchanting to look in the mirror that usually depicted the same vision of me and what lay behind, to see instead the clean slate of snow-white ceiling, uncluttered and mess-free and full of possibilities.

I could escape into a make-believe place where all the ordinary rules didn’t apply. With just one peek over the mirror’s edge, I was transported from my room full of things to be done and distraction. I felt weightless, carefree, and capable of anything. The white canvas of imagination was all that remained for this girl to float in. Even the sound of Momma banging pots and the constant chatter of the living room television were far-off in the distance. I was suspended; drifting high above them, unhindered in every way just to dream.

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My favorite Bible story growing up was Daniel in the Lions’ Den. I’ve always loved animals, so that might have something to do with it, but to this day I have never forgotten the awesome power of the miracle God gave Daniel in the bottom of that cave.

Peace. It looks something like running out the front door for the second time and leaping off that bottom stair,  hurling into gear and sliding backwards out of the drive because you forgot too many things and you can’t be late to work and you can’t drive too fast to get there on time, and you half choke on a giant gulp of yesterday’s reheated coffee as you lurch your startled engine into first gear… and then you see it: the sunrise bursts across the sky in bold streaks of fire and gold feathered petals.  It takes your breath away.  Your stress away. Your hurry and your worry away.  You drive clumsily toward your former destination (don’t bother me with that now…just wow! Look at that! That’s amazing!!) Veer a little, oops, thank you Jesus for that,  and you can’t keep your eyes off that sky.  It keeps changing.  Like a giant blossom unfolding, those colors they’re exploding.  You’re just moving towards the light now.  You don’t care about passing slowpokes or peeking at your phone to estimate arrival time. (Just look at that sky! How can it be so gorgeous and how many sunrises have I seen,  but its a new kind of spectacular everytime?) And turns out that sun rise lasts the entire drive. And you get to watch the last flicker disappear into the pale purple of a blue sky coming.  (And look at that! You got to work on time after all. And actually enjoyed the travel!)

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Before all the rain, I saw a beautiful thing; I was driving home from work one evening as the sun was just starting to set and as I came around a curve a swift breeze grabbed a handful of dust off a driveway and tossed it into the air above the road. For a glittering second all that dust lit up like gold in the light of the sunshine.

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I have a great friend that has been so instrumental in my life lately. She has been the mouthpiece of God and the extension of His arms. I give all glory to God for His impeccable timing, His faithful keeping of a dear sister and her obedience to Him in all things, and His love and mercy and kindness that are without fail, even on days when I least deserve them.

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I have a dog that does double duty as a vacuum.  She sweeps the floor at least four or five times a day (probably more) inhaling whatever edible crumbs her keen nose detects.  We have to lock her in her crate at dinner time just for a moment’s peace; she is the vigilant watchman, poised to act at the slightest indicator of food on the floor, and of course eagerly waiting for her name to be called to come get it. And oh, the joy of anticipation for the finished meal; for there is always a little something left over just for her, and she knows it.

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A dear friend of mine told me about the time she went searching for a piano for her front room. She had a vision in her mind’s eye of the perfect shape and size piano that she wanted; a baby grand with an antique flair that she would place in just the right spot as a display of grace and beauty in her home. But you can’t find a piano like that just anywhere.

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“Now the God of patience and consolation grant you to be like minded one toward another according to Christ Jesus: That ye may with one mind and one mouth glorify God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭15:5-6‬ ‭