Peace. It looks something like running out the front door for the second time and leaping off that bottom stair,  hurling into gear and sliding backwards out of the drive because you forgot too many things and you can’t be late to work and you can’t drive too fast to get there on time, and you half choke on a giant gulp of yesterday’s reheated coffee as you lurch your startled engine into first gear… and then you see it: the sunrise bursts across the sky in bold streaks of fire and gold feathered petals.  It takes your breath away.  Your stress away. Your hurry and your worry away.  You drive clumsily toward your former destination (don’t bother me with that now…just wow! Look at that! That’s amazing!!) Veer a little, oops, thank you Jesus for that,  and you can’t keep your eyes off that sky.  It keeps changing.  Like a giant blossom unfolding, those colors they’re exploding.  You’re just moving towards the light now.  You don’t care about passing slowpokes or peeking at your phone to estimate arrival time. (Just look at that sky! How can it be so gorgeous and how many sunrises have I seen,  but its a new kind of spectacular everytime?) And turns out that sun rise lasts the entire drive. And you get to watch the last flicker disappear into the pale purple of a blue sky coming.  (And look at that! You got to work on time after all. And actually enjoyed the travel!)

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