I have a dog that does double duty as a vacuum.  She sweeps the floor at least four or five times a day (probably more) inhaling whatever edible crumbs her keen nose detects.  We have to lock her in her crate at dinner time just for a moment’s peace; she is the vigilant watchman, poised to act at the slightest indicator of food on the floor, and of course eagerly waiting for her name to be called to come get it. And oh, the joy of anticipation for the finished meal; for there is always a little something left over just for her, and she knows it.

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A dear friend of mine told me about the time she went searching for a piano for her front room. She had a vision in her mind’s eye of the perfect shape and size piano that she wanted; a baby grand with an antique flair that she would place in just the right spot as a display of grace and beauty in her home. But you can’t find a piano like that just anywhere.

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